Calories in Alcohol

Calories in Alcohol

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Alcohol is almost as calorie dense as fat.

Pure alcohol has 7 calories per gram (fat has 9 calories per gram). However most beers also have a high amount of carbohydrate (4 calories per gram).

Alcohol suppresses the bodies ability to burn fat, so if you are trying to lose fat, consuming alcohol is counter-productive.

If you drink, drink in moderation and aim for a light beer or a small glass of red wine.

Beer Calories

Regular Beer12 fl. oz or 350 mls139 (580 kj)
Light Beer12 fl. oz or 350 mls103 (425 kj)

Wine Calories

White Wine1 glass, 3.5 fl. oz70 (294 kj)
Red Wine1 glass, 3.5 fl. oz74 (310 kj)
Champagne1 glass, 4 fl. oz85 (355 kj)200
Sparkling White1 glass, 4 fl. oz93 (389 kj)400
Sparkling Red1 glass, 4 fl. oz89 (372 kj)300

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